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Southfield and Newry Community Engagement

This image: an aerial photo of the site, taken from The Newry
					looking north. The map: the map shows a red line boundary around the
					site, which is situated between The Newry and the shops on Southfields
					Drive. The Pork Pie Library and roundabout can be seen to the west and
					the Saffron Hill Cemetry to the south.

Hello and welcome to the community engagement for the proposed regeneration of Leicester's Southfield and Newry site.

This engagement is now closed, but comments and suggestions are still welcome.

This interactive website will guide you through the proposals for the site, and towards the end ask you to complete a short survey to gain your views.

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Your views on our proposals really do matter to us. The feedback we receive will be used to improve the scheme and will accompany any planning application we make in future.

This consultation closed on Sunday 13th February 2022.

info Look out for red highlighted text like this - it will indicate interactive features on the map.

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Area of engagement

Explore the site today

This image: an aerial photo of the site from above Southfields
					Drive looking south. The map: The map has zoomed into the site, with
					labels over the former Southfields School and the former Newry School.
					There are six blue camera icons around the perimeter of the site,
					which, when clicked on, show streetview photos of the site from
					Southfields Drive, the Newry and Schoolgate.

The site is located between Southfields Drive and The Newry, just south of Atlee Way (A563).

The regeneration site is actually two sites combined: the former Southfields Infant school and The Newry Assessment Centre, both of which have now been closed for around 10 years.

Leicester City Council, with the help of some external funding, have identifed this site as an opportunity to deliver new council homes for Leicester residents.

The council has started the process to find a contractor to demolish the derelict buildings on the site ready for development.

info Click on the map markers to see photos of the site today.

Map key
Area of engagement
Photos of the site today

What are we proposing?

This image: an illustrative photo of a young family unpacking
					cardboard boxes in their new home. The map: The map now shows the site
					broken down into four key areas: a pink rectangle representing new
					flats facing onto Southfields Drive; a green shape representing new
					green space to the east of the site; two orange shapes taking up the
					largest portion of the site and representing new family homes; and a
					dotted green footpath and cycleway stretching north to south through
					the site. There are also blue map markers over each coloured area which
					describe the areas when clicked on.

When the existing buildings have been removed, the council proposes to build new council housing on this site. This is part of its wider commitment to deliver 1,500 new council homes across Leicester by 2023.

The proposed scheme can be broken down into 4 key areas:

  1. New flats facing onto Southfields Drive;
  2. New high quality sustainable family homes;
  3. Existing pedestrian and cycleway retained with improved visibility, lighting and safety;
  4. New green space functioning as drainage for the development.

info Click on the map markers to read more about the proposals.

Map key
Area of engagement
Proposed improvements
New family homes
New flats
New green space
Improved pedestrian/cycle route

Creating a community

This image: an illustrative photo of a father and two young
					children walking through a local neighbourhood. The map: the map now
					shows an illustrative artist's sketch of how the whole site may look,
					with a loop road giving access to the houses and flats from The Newry;
					a green space and biodiversity area with sustainable drainage to the east;
					flats to the north on Southfields Drive; and houses through the rest
					of the site and down to The Newry. The cycle and pedestrian access extends
					from The Newry, through the site and up to Southfields Drive. There
					are shared neighbours spaces between the private back gardens of the
					houses, and an illustrative photo of how these may look, with benches
					and planting. There are blue map markers which describe these areas
					when clicked on.

The proposals take into account the existing housing that surrounds the site. They also consider the connections between the streets and community facilities such as the shops along Southfields Drive.

The new proposals aim to build on that community by delivering new high quality homes for families on the waiting list. Each house and flat will have its own front door and residents will share the new well-lit, landscaped public streets, paths, and green spaces.

info Click on the map markers to find out more about the proposals.

Map key
Area of engagement
Illustrative photo
Information about the proposals

Your Thoughts?

This image: photo of some adults having a friendly discussion.
					The map: the map has zoomed out to show the full site boundary, with a
					map marker in the middle, which opens the survey when clicked.

This engagement is now closed, but comments and suggestions are still welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about these important emerging plans for the development of the Southfield and Newry site.

Please complete the short survey below. Your views really matter to us.

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The engagement ended on Sunday 13th February 2022.

Once you have completed this survey we will look carefully at what you and others have said.

We will then use this feedback to help inform the continued design of the masterplan, ahead of submitting an application to the planning authority later this year.

We thank you for your time and look forward to receiving your responses.

info Click on the map marker to go to the survey, or click the blue button above.

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Area of engagement
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