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Stocking Farm Neighbourhood Centre

This image: photo of the shops on Marwood Road.
						The map: the map shows a red line around Stocking Farm Neighbourhood Centre.

Welcome to the community engagement for the regeneration of Leicester's Stocking Farm Neighbourhood Centre.

This interactive website will guide you through the site and ask you at the end to complete a short survey. Your views really matter to us.

This consultation is now closed.

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Area of Engagement

Explore the Site

This image: aerial photo of Stocking Farm Neighbourhood Centre, overlaid with the red line boundary.
							The map: the map has zoomed into the site and there are map markers around the site perimeter, which show photos of the site
							when clicked on.

The City Council would like to work with the local community to create a new development in the heart of the Stocking Farm area which may provide new homes, retail and community facilities to serve the local area.

Before we put our ideas down on paper and create a masterplan, we would like to hear your thoughts about the community and shopping facilities you would like to see.

At the same time the Council is bringing forward ambitious plans across the City to develop 1,500 Council Homes by 2023.

City mayor Sir Peter Soulsby said:

“Many parts of Leicester, including Stocking Farm, were shaped by the Council in the 20th Century. It is now time to revisit these sites and ensure they are fit for purpose in the 21st Century.

Work is very much at an early stage, but we would like to engage with the local community to explore opportunities and shape a vision that will bring unused land and property back into use, improve life for local residents and help kickstart the regeneration of this important part of the city”.

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Area of Engagement
Site Photos

Current Site Uses

This image: aerial photo of Stocking Farm Neighbourhood Centre, taken from the east.
								The map: the map shows the buildings in and around the site, highlighted in different colours based on their use.

Plans to develop a shared vision for the regeneration of Leicester’s Stocking Farm Neighbourhood Centre have been announced.

As part of the masterplanning work, the Council will explore options for bringing Stocking Farmhouse itself back into use. The Council-owned, locally-listed building dates back to the late 19th century and is currently vacant.

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Area of Engagement
Sports Court
Function Room

Coming Soon - Community Shop

This image: photo of a young volunteer helping with groceries. The map: the map is focused
								on the current youth centre building to the west of the site.

An early phase of the regeneration of the Stocking Farm Neighbourhood Centre will potentially be an exciting new purpose for the underused Youth Centre building.

An independent organisation called
Community Shop has made a proposal to the Council and intend to submit a planning application in the coming weeks.

If approved, their new Stocking Farm Community Shop would provide a community hub consisting of a membership shop providing the opportunity to buy food at discounted prices for those meeting their eligibility criteria.

A community café may also be available to everyone in the local community along with a range of other community space which they will use to provide mentoring and training support to their members. This space will also be available for hire for other local community groups.

You will have an opportunity to comment on this planning application separately - please keep a look out for the local adverts.

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Area of Engagement
Youth Centre

Your Thoughts?

This image: photo of some adults having a friendly discussion.
								The map: the map has zoomed out to show the full site boundary, with a map marker in the middle, which opens the survey when clicked.

The initial consultation is now closed, but comments and suggestions are still welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about these important emerging plans for the regeneration of Stocking Farm Neighbourhood Centre.

Please complete the short survey. Your views really matter to us.

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